Designer Steve French has delighted the world with classics and revolutionary yachts of beauty for over twenty five years. From his designs for Garlington, Briggs, Spencer, F&S to the Merritt 86′ his eye for balanced lines is considered the standard by most in the custom yachting world. What most people don’t know is that French has also been behind the scenes changing the way yachts are built today. His hands on boat building knowledge is unparalleled in the design community. He has been the moving force in the custom sport fishing industry to advance many of the top builders from all wood construction to modern composite technologies since 1988. His pioneering spirit has brought us many innovations we now take for granted. He has built and managed the build of the world’s most advanced sport fishing boats starting with seven years of production boats and then began constructing private custom yachts 1991 when he built this 46′.

French designed and managed the building of the 86′ Unleashed that launched in 2008 that reset the bar for custom composite yachts around the world. French origianlly designed this amazing machine in 1995, but didn’t meet the right buyer until 2005. Boasting hi-tech composites from one end of the project to the other including the carbon fiber Warseat in the cockpit. (see article

Now his wealth of knowledge and experience brings us a selection of new yachts. They range from 40’ to 180’ and showcase designs from classic to contemporary and lavish to military. Construction methods include full flotation composites, aluminum and classic wood. The fleet has begun with the building of the amazing 41’ Jager, a vessel many have dreamed of since the simpler days of fishing. This jewel boasts all the features of a larger yacht, while operating at a fraction of the costs. To see more on this revolutionary new yacht click on “Jagers” on the Models tab.

French yachts is based in Stuart, Florida, but unlike conventional builders is developing facilities in different regions to maximize quality and service. Each facility is being run by the same strict set of standards to create yachts of the impeccable quality that French is known for.

French has already built some the most advanced sport fishing boats on the planet today. If you desire a level of integrity, performance, detail and uniqueness that’s like no other then have Steve build your next yacht. THe process is as amazing as the yachts themselves.

86 Unleashed Custom Yacht - United Yacht Sales

86’ Unleashed – The 86’ Unleashed was originally designed by French way ahead of its’ time in 1995. IT wasn’t until a customer asked for “something that had never been done before” in 2005 that this masterpiece would be funded for construction. Recognized by many as the most advanced sportfishing machine on the planet still today the boat named “Double Down” is a must see to comprehend. The list of firsts and onlys is too long for this space, but suffice to say this boat pioneered many things considered standard in the industry today. The owner and captain love the boat and have traveled world-wide for over seven years. For more on the design and build of this machine see the construction tab at

72 French Yachts Custom - United Yacht Sales

French Yachts 72’ Fly-around – Walk-arounds have been here for over thirty years and the idea of a flybridge with a walk around space certainly isn’t new either, however French Yachts brings a whole ne level to sport fishing platform enjoyment through highly creative space planning. The Fly-around models are available from 50’- over 100’. The 72’ shown features all the traditional aspects of cockpit fishing, but adds the usefulness of going 360 degrees around the boat. Imagine being able have a quad hook up and not have to give up a single fish. And imagine being able to deep drop in the cockpit while the kids play tag (in complete safety) while mom and the ladies enjoy the luxurious sunpad / entertainment center on the foredeck. All at the same time. Why buy 72’ of boat and only use a fraction of it. The time for Fly-arounds is now!  Call today to connect live with Steve and get a walk through of the spacious interior and see that you give up nothing for this great configuration.

62 Spencer Custom Yacht - United Yacht Sales

Spencer 62’– When asked to bring the best of Florida and Carolina together in one design the Spencer line of boats was the result. The well known Captain Paul Spencer had a good riding hull and had built a few tournament winners. When Captain Bayliss and his owner came to Paul for something new Applied Concepts began a long and successful relationship of designing, engineering and construction consultation for what would become the most successful custom brand the country had seen in decades. The stunning sleek lines were first considered by the OBX crowd to be too far of a departure, but the public voted and over one hundred and fifty boats later the brand has racked up more tournament wins in more locations than any other custom builder. These boats are proof of what can be accomplished by a family of die-hard anglers dedicated to building boats that do it better than they did before. Steve’s intimate knowledge of the design and construction of this brand makes him an excellent broker for interested buyers.

61 Garlington Custom Yacht - United Yacht Sales

 Garlington 61’ – “I’ve been asked more times than I can remember to – just design me a boat that looks like the Garlington 61’…” says Steve French. Like the 44’ express this design was a collaboration with Richard and Dan, but as the Product Director at the age of twenty four French says “It was an honor to work with men of that caliber, the freedom they gave to reinvent resulted in one of the best designs of my career”. The Garlington 61’ is still made today from the same molds built under French’s design direction over twenty four years ago. It appears that when something is done that well it stands the test of time. French has gone on with dozens of designs utilizing the Waveform hull style that McCarthy tutored him on decades ago. There may not be a less understood hull form, but the results at sea are what have people asking for more. French still works with Garlington under the ownership of the Landeweer family. Stay tuned for more exciting boats from this legend of a custom boat builder. Steve knows more about what makes these boats tick than anyone on the planet. If your interested in one he’s a great resource.

56 Briggs Custom Yacht - United Yacht Sales

Briggs 56’– Sunny Briggs is one the unsung heroes of custom sport fish boat building. His accomplishment at sea as a young man were more than most will see in a lifetime. His accomplishments as an Outer Banks boatbuilder rival the best in the world. Briggs Boatworks doesn’t boast heavily through marketing claims so only those close to the operation and those that have his boats know the great value of this pioneering spirit. Briggs was the first to adopt the 3D design and CNC jig system by Applied Concepts now considered industry standard and that is just the beginning. The 56’ is a special boat that embodies decades of Briggs’ and French’s friendship and collaboration. From hull form to interior design the boat hits it out of the park. If you are a lover of classic Carolina boats this boat runs right up the center of the OBX Spine!

Steve remains a fan of Sunny’s boats and knows many of them intimately. If you need information on an existing boat or are looking at having one built contact Steve today.

F&S 54 Custom Yacht - United Yacht Sales

F&S 54’ – When Jimmy Floyd set out to build the toughest sport fishing boats in the industry he may not have bargained for building some of the sexiest and innovative, however his friendship with French slowly opened the doors to some creative thinking and customers love it. The 54 enclosed express speaks loudly of this dynamic. With the composite Marlin tower built by Steve French Enterprises as a low maintenance accent to Jim’s beautiful rig this machine is as unique as it is a performer. As it joined a fleet of yachts for a seasoned superyacht owner it has enjoyed tournament fishing and excursions testifying to the success of the design for diversity and enjoyment. This brand has been a strong runner in the custom Market and Steve’s influence on the line makes him ideal for a buy or a sell.

44 Garlington Custom Yacht - United Yacht Sales

Garlington 44’– Acclaimed by many as the most beautiful express gracing the waters this classic was the collaboration of the late Richard Garlington, the late Dan McCarthy and at the time a very young Steve French. Designed by this trio in 1989 the boat started as a 40’ for Richard and through the wishes of a cousin and a few new customers the boat became a 44’.  Through this boat French would bring automotive quality styling to the custom sport fishing world and without changing anything so radically that it would be too much of a departure. French recalls at the time that the boat was considered a stretch. McCarthy and French both had a passion of industrial design and the team resulted in a boat that is hard to beat for solid space planning, fishability and stunning good looks. A little known fact is that the boat pioneered the modern conversion of many boat builders to fully composite construction. If you have one to sell or are looking for one Steve has the blueprints in his head and can answer nearly every question.